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Please read below to learn about their purpose and goals.



Purpose: To coordinate all facets of the annual District Awards dinner, and assist other District committees with event planning and execution as appropriate.

Goals: To coordinate the details for the next annual District Awards dinner in January and assist other District committees with their activities upon their request.  



Purpose: To recognize and honor those individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the San Diego tennis community.

Goals: Reach out to our diverse communities and distant county areas to increase the number of nominations from the community for potential awardees.  Review all nominations and present recommended slate of nominees to the Board.  Run the Awards portion of the Annual Awards dinner program.



Purpose: To understand and oversee the Bylaws of the SDDTA and interpret them for the Board. To propose amendments to the Bylaws when appropriate, and make changes when approved by the Board of Directors.

Goals: Stay informed of USTA and SCTA changes to their respective Bylaws, and the implications for the SDDTA Bylaws. To make changes to the Bylaws when approved by the Board of Directors.


Purpose: To assist tennis clubs within the District in establishing a network of resources that will increase communication and cooperation among the clubs for the betterment of all clubs and to promote club participation in San Diego tennis activities and events such as leagues, tournaments, Tennis Fest, and the Aviators.
Goals: Develop a contact list for member club managers and principals, survey member clubs to identify best practices and common issues they face, monitor the changes in the special use permits the City is requiring of clubs operating on City land, develop a strategy for communicating club concerns with the City, and increase USTA league, tournament, Tennis Fest and San Diego Aviators participation by area clubs.



Purpose: To promote both recreational and competitive participation in tennis by collegiate players of all levels from California Community, NCAA, and NAIA schools by forming liaisons with college coaches, administrators, and Tennis on Campus leaders and allocate resources where they are most needed.
Goals: Identify key college tennis coaches and Tennis on Campus leaders. Continue to support Tennis on Campus Teams that travel to Nationals. Get more collegiate players into USTA tournaments through a discounted tournament entry fee program. Offer scholarships as funds allow to San Diego residents attending college. Conduct activities to support these programs.


Purpose: To provide programming that helps attract a diverse group of new adult players, and team with the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council to offer programming at sites that the Council is supporting.
Goals: Continue to explore new ways to attract new adult players through Family Tennis Days and follow-up Drop-In tennis programs. Search the county for underutilized tennis courts. Choose those sites if possible, for future programming.  Partner with other committees like the Collegiate Tennis Committee to support the Tennis on Campus programs at UCSD, SDSU, and USD, and other college-based tennis programs.  



Purpose: To promote greater Diversity and Inclusion in overall tennis participation in the SDDTA. To have the SDDTA become an organization in which people from all walks of life, representing all dimensions of diversity, will want to volunteer, and to which they would want to provide support through participation, membership, and sponsorship.

Goals: To continue to increase tennis participation in the African -American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian-American, and LGBT communities of San Diego County.  To reach out to each community to promote our sport, and continue to invite each community to participate in Tennis Fest which is the best showcase for diversity in our sport in the entire United States. To partner with the Collegiate Committee to see how we can introduce tennis to these four groups in our four-year and two-year colleges of San Diego County.  To continue to recruit diverse applicants for our San Diego District Tennis Association Board.



Purpose: To investigate and decide matters related to the SDDTA By-Laws, the USTA Regulations, and the standards of conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship in the game of tennis.

Goals: To ensure that grievances are resolved in a timely manner and in adherence with the District's and SCTA’s By-Laws, and USTA regulations. To educate personnel associated with USTA sanctioned tournaments, i.e., players, Directors, and Officials, as to their rights under the SDDTA  Grievance Policy.



Purpose: To oversee and manage the District’s finances in accordance with the By-Laws, to include preparing and executing an annual budget; managing the investment of the District’s long-term funds portfolio in accordance with the Board-approved Investment Policy; ensuring proper financial transactions and accounting; and ensuring compliance with applicable internal and external reporting requirements.

Goals: Prepare the annual budget, review investments, research opportunities for increased growth, and monitor financial transactions.     



Purpose: To review grant requests and recommend approval/disapproval to the Board based on District policies, precedents and strength of the request.

Goals: To act on grant requests in a timely manner and in accordance with SDDTA policies. To prepare a list of the types of grant requests that the District will consider, and publicize this on the District website and in the newsletter once a year. To search out worthy tennis activities that are not currently being funded, and encourage these entities to apply for a District grant.



Purpose: To honor those who have left an indelible mark in San Diego's rich tennis history by selecting those worthy of recognition; holding an induction ceremony every other year in August; showcasing their achievements and memorabilia in the San Diego Tennis Hall of Fame at Balboa Tennis Club; and maintaining and posting historical records in the Hall of Fame section of the District website.
Goals: Identify candidates for the class, and carry out the activities described above.



Purpose: To promote all tennis-related events and news throughout San Diego county via the SDDTA’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.  We will collaborate with other committees to coordinate marketing efforts for SDDTA events (Tennis Fest, District Awards dinner, District tournament, Wounded Warriors, etc). We will also promote engagement and interaction on our social media sites by encouraging the local tennis community to submit and share their achievements.
Goals: To build the following of our social media sites; to create a calendar of events that we will use to promote activities in future years; to create an overview of sponsorship opportunities for SDDTA events; to find a sponsor(s) for Tennis Fest / District Tournament.



Purpose: To promote and support the USTA’s national military outreach initiatives and programs; increase tennis opportunities for active duty, veterans and their families; inform military recreation departments of tennis resources, programs and events; hold outreach events for military-affiliated personnel; support military appreciation events at pro tournaments; and provide tennis programming for wounded, ill, and injured military personnel and veterans.

Goals: Hold at least one Family Tennis Day for military personnel and families each year; represent the District at the BNP Paribas Open “Salute to Heroes” in March; hold Wounded Warrior Tennis Camp in May, highlight military outreach accomplishments and opportunities in the SDDTA newsletter and regional/national publications.   



Purpose: To highlight SDDTA events and accomplishments by publishing and distributing two issues (Spring and Fall) of “The San Diego Tennis Reporter” to all SDDTA individual and organization members via hardcopy and on-line postings.

Goals: Publicize the SDDTA’s programs, tournament results, and events in every edition, and ensure timely distribution.



Purpose: To review applications for SDDTA Board membership, interview applicants and inform them of membership requirements, and nominate qualified applicants to serve on the Board of Directors and as Officers in accordance with the SDDTA Bylaws .
Goals: To make high quality recommendations for filling vacancies based on needs that represent the diverse activities, cultural groups, and geographic locations of tennis activities in San Diego County.



Purpose: To use the USTA ranking program to generate annual rankings in Open, NTRP, and age group singles, doubles, and mixed doubles categories. To update the suggested seedings list quarterly to assist San Diego adult tournament directors.

Goals: To provide tournament directors with up-to-date seeding suggestions based upon data from USTA, SCTA and head-to-head tournament results. To create a ranking list at the end of the year based upon data and methods used by USTA, SCTA and head-to-head results for San Diego players. To establish usable criteria for ranking requirements in all divisions for final rankings. To continue present activity and seek opportunities to improve through player or tournament director feedback.



Purpose: To set the tournament schedule and work with tournament directors to assist in any tournament-related issues that may arise. To recommend to the Board to sanction new tournaments, or rescind the sanction of existing tournaments in the District when warranted.

Goals: To address tournament director compliance issues listed in the letter that is sent to all tournament directors. To support the tournament evaluation committee in promoting high quality tournaments and increased participation in adult sanctioned tournaments.


Purpose: The mission of the Tennis Advocacy Committee is to establish San Diego as the #1 city/county in the world for tennis tourism, player development, and recreational play.

1. Evaluate and promote the improvement and development of public tennis facilities (and companion sports) in San Diego and San Diego County. 

     a. Research, analyze and document the current state of public tennis facilities in San Diego County including location, condition and management of those facilities.

     b. Work with existing tennis facilities to understand their plans for the future of their facility and related City/County plans for the development of the parks/areas in                   which these tennis facilities are located.

2. Research, analyze and document local/regional/national benchmarks for the number of courts at tennis facilities to assist in determining the appropriate number and possible location of public tennis courts and facilities in San Diego County.  
     a. What is the current population playing tennis and related sports and how is this population expected to change over the next ten to thirty years. .
3. Research, analyze and document the economic impact that tennis tourism has on the San Diego community. 

4. Research, analyze and document the availability of and access to water in various areas of San Diego County for the purpose of determining the feasibility of building and maintaining clay and grass court facilities in the county. 
5. Research, analyze and document the number of days of outdoor play that are available in San Diego compared to other major cities in the United States.
6. Research, analyze and document the breakdown in major metropolitan areas of tennis courts that are public, private, in educational settings (K-12) and at colleges/universities to compare to what is available in San Diego.

7. In conjunction with the various public tennis facilities in San Diego County, build a master plan for the improvement and development of tennis facilities and companion sports, the cost, fundraising requirements, and a schedule for completing these capital projects over the next 7 to 10 years.



Purpose: To provide a showcase event, once-a-year, for everyone in the community, where as many tennis resources as possible are assembled in one location, to show off all San Diego has to offer in the sport of tennis. 

Goals: To provide a welcoming and fun atmosphere that attracts anyone, from any walk of life , who’s interested in the sport, from the curious to seasoned players, in the hope that we can inspire and attract new people to the game; educate those who attend; and introduce everyone to those who make up the fabric of tennis in San Diego.



Purpose: To plan, coordinate, and run all facets of the annual SDDTA tournament.

Goals: To improve upon last year’s tournament where possible, while staying within the budget. If all possible, to schedule all senior open events during the second weekend only. To finish the tournament in the absolute minimum required time. To continue recruiting female players, especially for the women senior division draws.



Purpose: To observe tournaments and their websites to give both positive and critical feedback to tournament directors, officials, and the District regarding the running of the tournaments according to USTA rules, standards set forth by the District’s Sanctions and Scheduling Committee, and players’ expectations. By providing this feedback, we hope to promote high standards for San Diego tournaments and increase participation by tennis players.

Goals: To check websites of all San Diego tournaments to see if the TDM is being implemented thoroughly and correctly. To communicate with all tournament directors and TE committee members information regarding workshops, help from the Internet, and personal mentoring to promote understanding of requirements for USTA-sanctioned tournaments. To visit 8-12 tournaments to ascertain whether USTA rules and the standards set forth by the District’s Sanctions and Scheduling Committee are being followed. To handle player complaints.  To give feedback to the tournament directors and the board (especially the Committee for Sanctions and Scheduling) on the above. To keep track of player participation and be able to report to the board increased participation and satisfaction by tournament players.



Purpose: To collaborate with the San Diego County Tennis Umpires Association to ensure high quality umpiring at all District-sponsored tournaments, and resolve any related issues.

Goals: Work closely with all tournament directors to ensure sufficient and appropriate umpiring at each event.



Purpose: To maintain a constructive, collaborative relationship with the Board of Directors of the San Diego Division of the USPTA. To stay informed of events and issues related to the San Diego Division of the USPTA. To encourage USPTA-San Diego participation in SDDTA events where appropriate, and vice versa.

Goals: To recruit at least 50 USPTA pros to participate in Tennis Fest. To submit articles about SDDTA programs and resources for publication in the USPTA-SD newsletter where appropriate.   



Purpose: To develop, promote and coordinate USTA Leagues within the District. To assist League players as necessary. To increase the number of League participants.

Goals: Add more facilities for League teams, especially at parks and schools.



Purpose: To promote and support wheelchair tennis programs in San Diego. To provide advice, options, and a curriculum on ways to increase tennis opportunities for individuals with disabilities through clinics and awareness. To keep wounded, ill, and injured patients in San Diego rehab centers informed of the tennis opportunities available in San Diego.  To support both weekly tennis programs at Balboa Medical Center and Balboa Tennis Club.

Goals: Provide financial support to wheelchair tennis programs held in San Diego. Stay in touch with NMCSD, Sharp Rehab, VA Hospital, Parks and Rec. Dept, Adaptive Sports and Recreation (ASRA), and all other rehab centers in San Diego to promote and increase participation of wounded, ill, and injured individuals in wheelchair events/programs in San Diego. Have wheelchair tennis players introduce wheelchair tennis to able bodied individuals by having a court and extra wheelchairs at TennisFest that teaches them and provides them the opportunity to try playing tennis in a wheelchair. Continue to host the annual Run and Roll tournament.



Purpose: To highlight, publicize and archive the achievements of the District and its members by producing and distributing the “San Diego Tennis Yearbook” annually to SDDTA individual and organizational members.

Goals: To produce a high-quality yearbook and distribute it in a timely fashion in January.  To increase the number of advertisers to help defray costs.


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