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Here's What's Happening!

1. In March 2023, San Diego issued a “Programmatic Environmental Impact Plan” (PEIR) addressing climate resiliency, natural habitat of De Anza Cove, and recreation/tennis!


2. Impact on PB Tennis Club: The city’s plan (“De Anza Natural”) requires 100’ setbacks from Rose Creek, next to the Club. Park planner Scott Sandel says Courts 7 & 8 and perhaps others would be impacted (removed?). Replacement courts would (may? maybe not?) be built elsewhere.


3. This Tuesday, April 4, 6PM: The Mission Bay Park Committee meets at Paradise Point Resort (1404 Vacation Road on Mission Bay) for a presentation by Scott Sandel on the De Anza Natural Plan. Scott has been reasonable and helpful to us. But we must show him and everyone our support for our Club.


4. The “ReWild” Environmental Group is advocating for policies for climate resiliency, mitigating sea level rise, and a huge expansion of marshland and wildlife habitat. Their objectives reduce available land for active recreation, such as our PB Tennis Club, the ballfields next to us, and Mission Bay Golf Course. ReWild is rallying their troops to come out in force (in matching blue tee shirts!) at the April 4 meeting, as well as other meetings. They have lots of funding and are sending mass mailings to city planners and elected officials.

WE MUST DO THE SAME By Attending Meetings, Making Our Voices Heard, & Being Advocates For Our Club’s Survival!


5.We need you to attend this April 4 meeting! Let the Mission Bay Park Committee and Scott know you care deeply about keeping our 60 year-old tennis club!


6. After April 4, the next Parks and Recreation Board meeting is April 20. April 20 is also the last day for you to submit comments on the PEIR and the De Anza Natural plan.

Here Are Our Club’s Goals:

1. Keep all 8 tennis courts where they are now, especially since the city may not even have funds to rebuild what they take away.

2. If a new “racket sport facility” is built, it should be next to the ballfields, clubhouse, golf, restrooms, and concessions. It should be expanded to 10 tennis courts and 12 pickleball courts. (Pickleball is growing, and they have a lot of pull. We need them as our ally!)

3. If they build a new club, it must be ready BEFORE they close our current club. It’s easy to imagine them shutting us down for months or even years before the City can design, fund, build, and open a new club.

4. If they move us, we must know when, so we can prudently plan how we spend the Club’s money on our current site.

​5. We must continue to hold the Special Use Permit (SUP) for the new racket sport facility.


Here’s How We NEED You To Help:


1. Attend & Be Heard At The Tuesday, April 4, 6PM Meeting: Please join us at the Mission Bay Park Committee meeting at Paradise Point Resort and Spa, 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego.  


2. Email The City Your Comments By April 20, 2023: Email your comments. Go to the De Anza Natural page. Scroll down to “De Anza Natural Amendment Comments.” You might say something like…
“My friends and I support continuing the P.B. Tennis Club. P.B. Tennis has been in our community for sixty years and it plays a vital role in the athletic and social interaction among our neighbors. People of all ages, including children and seniors, regularly play at our beloved club.”


3. Email Your Comments To Scott Sandel (, JoeLaCava@sandiego.govPut “De Anza Natural Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan” in the subject line. Remember, he has been helpful to us. Here’s a suggested comment…
“Keeping P.B. Tennis where it is now will save the city millions of dollars. It keeps our tennis pros and staff employed, and allows our community of racket sport enthusiasts of all ages (including children and seniors) to keep playing at the Club we know and love.” 


Thank you for helping to save our P.B. Tennis Club!

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