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USTA League Calendar 2022/ 2023:

This is our overview of leagues by season including with Initial Roster Deadlines (IRD). These are the dates that a minimum number of players must be registered for a team to be included in scheduling. Please request team numbers using the appropriate season Team Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline.

For additional details by league (days/ times/ levels), please League Descriptions tab.


2022 Fall Season (Sep- Dec play):

SoCal Fall Doubles Men - August 10th (IRD)

SoCal Fall Doubles SD Women’s WD, Weekend - August 10th (IRD)

SoCal Fall Doubles SDNC Girls’ Night Out - August 10th (IRD)


SoCal Mini- Holiday Doubles WD SDNC Women (mid-Nov/ Dec) - October 15th (IRD)


SoCal Tri-level Mixed Doubles 18 and over - August 10th (IRD)

Flex League One Singles – Register by September 6th (late-Sept-December play)          


2023 Winter Season (Jan-March play):

USTA Mixed Doubles 18 and over- December 12th (IRD)

USTA Adult Men’s and Women's 40 and over (1 singles/ 3 doubles)- December 12th (IRD)


Flex League One Singles (Winter/ Spring) – Register by January 10th (Feb- May play)

Entry Level Doubles- One Doubles 2.5 Women, 3.0 Men- December 12th (IRD)


2023 Spring Season (April- June play):

USTA Adult Men’s and Women’s 18 and over (2 singles/ 3 doubles) – March 5th (IRD)


SoCal Mixed Doubles 55 and over – March 5th (IRD)


2023 Summer Season (mid- June- early Sept play):

USTA Mixed Doubles 40 and over – May10th (IRD)

USTA Adult Men’s and Women's Doubles 55 and over- May 10th (IRD) Season (mid-June- Aug)

SoCal Tri-level Doubles for Men and Women 18 and over- May 10th (IRD) 


So Cal Senior Doubles 65 and over (Women)- May 10th (IRD) Season (June- Aug)

So Cal Senior Doubles 65 and over (Men)- July 10th (IRD) Season (Aug- mid Oct)


Flex League One Singles (Summer) – Register by May 1st (June- August play)


Approx. 12/1/2022, year-end NTRP ratings will be published. These apply to all 2023 league play.  

Players must be current USTA members during the league season to be eligible to join a team.

Players celebrating their qualifying birthday during 2023 are able to play an age specific season (40, 55, 65 and over) anytime during that year.

Players must turn 18 before they may register/ play for an 18 and over team.


For more information, please email USTA League Coordinator: Randie Lettington at: 


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