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2020 USTA Winter Leagues Information


  1. League and level (i.e. Mixed 7.0, 40 and over 4.0 Monday)

  2. Captain and Co-captain names-(if new USTA Captain, email and cell phone)

  3. Club/Home courts (confirmed by facility)

  4. North County Weekday Women- # of courts available at 9AM (for 40 and over 4 line league)

  • Team numbers will be assigned after 11/18.

  • Players/ Captains may only register after 12/2 (once year-end ratings are published).

  • Initial Roster Deadline is 12/10. (min of 7 players for a 4 line team or 6 players for a 3 line team)

  • Final Roster Deadline will be 2/16/2020.  (9PM Pacific Time)

  • Season dates:1/6/20 (varies by league)- 3/31/20


USTA Mixed Doubles 18 and over League   

Our biggest mixed season of the year!

Advances to So Cal Sectional Championships (4/17-19) and USTA National Championships (Oct/ Nov)

Combined ratings of players (Partners may have up to 1 point rating level difference (i.e. 3.0 + 4.0 for a 7.0 team)
3 lines of mixed doubles (2 out of 3 full sets)

Maximum roster size 16 players.

- 7.0 and 9.0 play at Noon Saturday
- 6.0 and 8.0 play at 2:30PM Saturday

- 10.0 will be weekend play on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon based (TBD by team).

USTA Adult 40 and over League 

Men’s and Women’s Leagues: NTRP Levels: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+


Advances to So Cal Sectional Championships (5/1-3 and 5/15-17) and USTA National Championships (Oct/ Nov)

4 lines total- 1 singles and 3 doubles at NTRP level (2 out of 3 full sets)

(Matches split 2-2 will be determined by the tiebreaks in Tennis Link- least sets lost, least games lost and if still tied, % of games won.)


Women’s Weekend leagues will compete a 3 line format of 1 singles/ 2 doubles (match tiebreak in lieu of 3rd set)


Maximum roster size is 18 players.  (Rosters must have minimum of 50% of players ‘at level’.)

Plus leagues: 3 - 5.0 players max allowed on a 4.5+ roster

  • Only 1 may play at a time in a #1 position (i.e.1 player at #1 singles 1 player at #1 doubles)

  • A 4.0 player on a 4.5+ team is not eligible to play the #1 singles position.


​Men (all levels) play Sundays starting at 9 AM (except SD 3.5 Men Sundays at Noon)


Women’s days of play weekdays- matches starting at 9AM:

North County SD     Mon= 4.0, Wed=4.5+, Fri= 3.0 and 3.5             (2 or 3 courts at 9AM)

San Diego (South)   Mon= 3.0, Tues=4.5+, Wed=4.0, Thurs= 3.5    (3 courts at 9AM)


Women’s weekend: Sundays (smaller format- 1 Singles/ 2 Doubles in Local League with 10 point match tiebreak)

                                      3.5 and 4.0  at 2PM    (3.0, 4.5+ can customize a weekend league, if enough interest)


Winter/ Spring Singles Flex League (Register between 12/2/19 and 1/12/20)

Men’s and Women’s Leagues (Feb-May)

  • Round robin play of matches set up with players at your level - play at your convenience

  • Levels 3.0, 3.5(higher levels please contact Randie)

  • (See leagues for Flex League Registration information after 12/2)


Custom leagues may be formed if you have a group interested in a different option such as evenings, please email.