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Local League Rules/ Information- SD/ SDNC Spring 2017 (Captains)

Season Key Dates:

Adult 18+ Leagues:   4/9/17- 6/25/17     Area playoffs: 7/14-16 Long Beach    Sectionals: 8/5-6   Orange County

Adult 40+ Leagues:   4/9/17- 7/9/17       Area playoffs: 7/28-30 Long Beach   Sectionals: 8/19-20 Orange County

  • Players can be added (up to 18 per team) until 9PM PST. By the registration deadline, t

  • All matches, including local league playoffs must be completed by the last day of the season, no exceptions.

  • Floating matches- NC Ladies (Adult 18& Over 4.0 and 3.5 40 & Over) have a floating match- it is scheduled on the last day of the season (Sunday). Contact your opponent right away, coordinate a day you can play and confirm courts. Please email your ALC with the date, teams and the match
    ID # from the system no later than 4/28.


Match Schedules:

Schedules are posted online. To see your team’s schedule in TennisLink, from your individual page, you can click on your team name to take you to your team page. To view the season on one page, click on Match Schedule tab in TennisLink. Home and Visitor teams are listed, as well as Captain’s contact information (home phone number is listed not cell).

Home team provides courts, new balls for each line and refreshments (water must be available).


Format of Play (new): Best 2 of 3 regulation sets with a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of the 3rd set (Coman tiebreak rotation)

IF no one is waiting for the courts and all players agree, you may play the full 3rd set however, it will still be recorded in the USTA system as a 1-0 score- players must know this in advance. (This will pertain mainly to the doubles lines since singles will have matches following on the same courts.)

Match Play:

  • Match time default time! Players must be on court ready to play at the scheduled time (a 5 minute warm-up with opponent is allowed). There is NO 15 minute default time, therefore Point Penalty System not in effect.

  • Line ups must be exchanged simultaneously by 9AM. Print scorecards in TennisLink. Texting or emailing the line up ahead of time is acceptable (verify you have a cell #). If you have a known default, please let the opposing captain know prior.

  • (New) Captains receiving a late default will be able to change their line-up as needed. Please be considerate.

Players must be registered to the team before they play a match. Captains can check names on the scorecard.


Match times:9:00AM Singles- 2 lines10:15AM Doubles-3 lines

Lines must be played in orderdue to defaults procedure in USTA.

(New) An option only for clubs having 3 or more  courts available at 9AM, is to also start only line 1 doubles early if the captains/ players agree.  The default time for the doubles match is still 10:15AM.

Line Defaults: The least amount of lines should be defaulted and all players available should be utilized. (Section League Regulations, pg7)

  • 7 players: Default #2 Singles

  • 6 players: Default #3 Doubles

  • 5 players: Default #2 Singles & # 3 Doubles

  • 4 players: Default #2 and #3 Doubles


Breaks- 2 minute set break may be taken between the first and second set as well as between the 2nd and 3rd set tiebreak. Coaching is NOT allowed at ANY time during a match. The maximum time allowed for a treatable medical condition is 15 minutes for evaluation/ treatment.
See Friend at Court p 99 for details.


Rescheduling matches:

  • This is a very tight season for scheduling. Very few flights have an extra week as a rainout/ make- up date. Please make every effort to play on your scheduled date.

  • 4/9-4/16 is Spring Break for some areas.  Hopefully, most of those matches can go as planned however, some may be rescheduled without penalty if either team cannot field enough players. (LLR)

  • No league will be played on Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July.


Unplayable conditions: The heat rule states if the air temperature at the court location is 95° or higher, matches may be rescheduled. Please use  In case of rain, it is based on wet court conditions at match time. It is most important that people are safe on the courts.  If captains and clubs agree, you may move a match to the visitors club or a neutral site if the conditions are playable there.

  • Interrupted play: If a match needs to be rescheduled after play has started, Captains need to note scores, side/position of players so the lines can resume with the same players and exact score from when play was halted. Lines that have not started play may opt to change players in the line-up.

  • Requested rescheduled matches: Rescheduled matches will fall under the ‘No Penalty Policy’ or under the ‘Penalty Policy’. (SLR, pg7).  If, for example, a team requests a reschedule due to lack of players, the Penalty Policy will apply (2 lines will be defaulted, in the 5 line format). 
    (SLR, pg. 7).

  • All rescheduled matches need to be emailed to ALC with new date, team names and match ID#.

  • Try to avoid Team Defaults (5 lines defaulting). Matches can be played as few as 4 players- 1 doubles, 2 singles.


Completing and scoring matches:

  • To print scorecard and to enter scores, click on the date next to your match on your TennisLink page.

  • Either captain can enter scores in TennisLink. Please decide who will enter and confirm the scores in order to avoid disputes later.The opposing captain can dispute input within 48 hours. Please enter scores the same day of the match.

  • Match type dropdown options:

  • Most matches should fall into this category.

  • When a player may need to stop playing (usually injury or time issue)

  • For a late arrival, no show or ineligible player   Enter the names of players receiving the default.


Championships/ Post season play:

  • Local league flight winners will go on to the South District/Area Playoffs!

  • Players need to have played a minimum of 2 matches to be eligible. (1 can be a received default)

  • Winning an Area Playoff will earn your team one of four spots at a Sectional Championship. Fun times!


Wishing everyone good luck, great sportsmanship and a winning experience during the Spring USTA Season!

Randie Lettington   ALC San Diego


Here are links to the overarching rules from USTA:

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